Personal Care

Personal Care

Whether you need a new toothbrush or extra band-aids, we’ve got what you need!

Looking to pick up toothpaste or some extra band-aids? Marketplace Foods offers a large selection of personal care and hygiene products to meet your daily needs and save you a trip across town.


Top CareFrom first-aid to vitamins, over-the-counter drugs to beauty care, TopCare® has affordable products that are as effective as the national brands, all in your favorite grocery store. Each product is laboratory tested to guarantee its highest quality, so you can get everything you need in one shopping trip and get home to focus on the important things, like taking care of your family.


Pharmacists In addition to high quality personal care items, our Marketplace Foods store in Hayward has a full staff of friendly and helpful pharmacists that are ready to assist you in any of your health related questions. Our staff is certified to administer flu shots and fill your prescriptions or medications, all with friendly service, affordable prices and quality care. For more information regarding our top-notch pharmacy locations click here.


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