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Looking to try the latest local microbrew or to pick up your favorite bottle of wine? Stop by Marketplace Foods Liquor today. Our knowledgeable staff can help you meet your beer, wine or spirit desires and help you discover new unique products. Be sure to sign up for our biweekly newsletter coming soon to learn more about our weekly specials, monthly prize drawings, and free in-store tastings!

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 Local Every week we offer some big savings on your favorite beers, wines and spirits. Check out all our advertised liquor items in this week's ad.

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Liquor Event Our liquor stores feature samplings, manager specials, employee picks and delicious recipes that can be found in our liquor newsletter coming soon! . Stop by to see what special items we have stocked on the shelf just for you! See Our Upcoming Events:


 Local Marketplace Foods Liquor is proud to carry an endless selection of local beer, spirits, wine, and more at all of our Marketplace Foods Liquor locations, all for amazingly low prices! Swing by your local Marketplace Foods Liquor Store convienently located in your local Marketplace Foods store and be amazed by the wide selection and low prices of locally owned and distributed brews. If that isn't reason enough to buy local keep in mind that local liquors, wines and beers are traveling less distance to get to you. This means less air pollution from the transporation of the products and more fresh beverages for you! Locally brewed beers, hand crafted spirits, and wines not only taste phenomnal but buying from them also helps to support local businesses and growers, leaving a positive impact on your community. Now there's something we can cheers to!

Wine Pairings

Wine PairingsWhen it comes to pairing food and wines there are the people who know how to balance rich flavored foods with delicate wines and those who wish they know how. The main components that perfect a flawlessly complimented food and wine pairing are fat content levels, acidic flavor, saltiness, sweetness, biterness and overall texture. No matter where you fall on the food and wine pairing spectrum, from beginner to advanced, we have a full list of food and wine pairings made readily available for you to make informed decisions regarding your pairings.


Occasions No matter the occasion we promise we have the liquor, wine, beer or cocktail recipes to fit your event and make it extra fun and memorable. And we also help you make your occasions affordable! Having a drink selection that compliments your party can make an average event extra special and extremely memorable for your party guests.

  • Sunday Brunch
    For your Sunday Brunch serve Screwdrivers or a fully loaded Bloody Mary bar with a little help from Marketplace Foods Liquor. Sunday's are Fun Days and who says your weekend has to end Saturday night?


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