Guest Services

Guest Services

A one-stop shop to meet all your wants and needs

Our friendly employee-owners are dedicated to asisting you in every way possible. That's why our stores offer a variety of guest services that are available for your convenience. Whether it's renting the latest flick, money orders, postage, printing copies or sending a fax, discover why Marketplace Foods is your local one-stop shop to meet all of your needs.

Postage Substations

Postage and Substations Postal Substations are located in all of our Marketplace Foods store. All locations. They sell single stamps, 20 count books of stamps and some carry 100 count rolls of stamps. All locations are also able to calculate and sell postage for the following services of each package: 1st Class letters, flats and parcels, flat rate packages, military/diplomatic mail, parcel through standard post, media or library and international letters and post cards. Drop your mailings in the drop box through the slot on the guest side of the guest services or in the blue postal box outside.


Money Orders Looking to rent the latest flick? Stop by any one of our Marketplace Foods stores to rent a variety of movies from our Instaflix Kiosks. Simply stop in, find a movie and pay with a Credit or Debit Card. Our Instaflix Kiosks accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express Credit Cards and Visa or MasterCard Debit Cards. All movies are due back at 7pm the following day, no matter the time of day you originally rented the title. If you have any questions you can visit or call the Customer Service number at anytime at 888.200.7926.

We Bag Your Groceries!

Bag your groceries Carry out or Parcel Pick Up At Marketplace Foods we truly appreciate your business and we want tohelp make your experience at Marketplace Foods wonderful from the momentyou enter our stores to the time you are ready to purchase your itemsand take them home. We offer grocery baggers in our check out lanes toassist you and get your goods packed and ready to go in a timely manner. We understand howfrustrating it can be to have your groceries not bagged correctly, andwe pride ourselves in our great team of experienced staff who bag yourgroceries if you had done it yourself.

Self Checkouts

 Self Checkouts When you only have a few items and need to get to your next destination, self checkout lanes are ultra-fast and convenient options to keep you moving forward. We are happy to offer this option for guests at all of our Marketplace Foods locations. Self checkout lanes accept cash, credit, debit or EBT. Self sheckouts are not able to do WIC, lottery, money orders, fax, copies or prescriptions, but they are fully functional for quick check out of your groceries! Visit one of our self checkout lanes in any one of our Marketplace Foods locations.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards Order Marketplace Foods Gift Cards in any denomination in-store or online.

Our Marketplace Foods stores offer a large variety of gift cards from popular brands such as iTunes, Barnes and Noble, The Home Depot, Groupon, Ebay, Subway, Verison and more! These gift cards make it easy to pick up the perfect gift. See the full list of gift card brands below and stop by your local Marketplace Foods today to pick one up.

Money Orders

Money Orders A money order is a payment order for a pre-specified amount of money. Guests can use money orders as an alternative to a check. Money orders, similarly to checks, are used by people as a payment to another person, but they do not contain any personal banking information. As it is required that the funds be prepaid for the amount shown on it, it is a more trusted method of payment than a check. $300 is the maximum amount allowed per money order. Money order purchases exceeding $300 must be entered in increments no greater than $300. We can process a limit of $2,000 per guest per day. Claiming a money order is simple. Simply fill out a money order request form and let us do the rest as we print a money order form for you quickly, conveniently and privately. Money order fees vary by location.


Copies/Fax Marketplace Foods offers countless guest services to make your shopping experience pleasant and convenient. Each of our Marketplace Foods locations, except St. Croix Falls has a copier, located near the service counter, and all locations have a fax machine. Copies are all $0.07 each and faxes are $1.00 for the first page and $0.50 for every page after, plus tax, to send. Incoming faxes to you are $0.50 per page. Visit a Marketplace Foods guest service counter near you for your fax and copier needs!


Lottery It's your lucky day! We're stocked with countless lottery ticket games to make your shopping experience efficient and fun. Our locations have both scratch lottery and online lottery available such as PowerBall, MegaMillions and HotLotto. The PowerBall costs $2.00 to play plus an extra $1.00 for the Power Play option. The jackpot starts at $40 million and grows until a player wins and it is drawn on Wednesday and Saturday nights!


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