Everything from Soup to Nuts

Marketplace Foods is an employee-owned company, proudly run by people from your very own communities who sincerely care about the things that matter most: Family, wholesome food, great service and incredible selection. We know that what you bring home to eat is what is fueling your family. That's a big task to tackle and we're glad you choose us for your grocery needs!

Food Club

Food Club Our Food Club brand provides the freshest, top quality grocery products in a wide variety of products, all at affordable prices much lower than national brands. Food Club has value in mind with affordable prices and high quality. Food Club products include items in virtually every category - from cereals and granolas to snacks including trail mix bars, fruit snacks, strawberry twists, fruit and grain granola bars and more. Pudding mixes, sugars, cooking sprays, skillet classics, rice medleys, canned spaghetti, beans, chili luncheon meat, beef stew, refried beans, Spanish rice, canned assortments of vegetables and a large variety of salty snacks, all comparable to national brands...and all the essential items you need to make cooking magic. With value and savings this good, why would you shop anywhere else?


Local Marketplace Foods offers a wide array of local products to inspirehappiness, healthy living and simplicity in your life. We are proud tocarry products from local vendors like Real Bacon Toppings, Hormel Chili, Compleats, Dinty Moore, Johnsonville and many, many more. Local is part of our culture. We're proud to support local vendors, farmers and growers and know you are too.

Over the Top

Local With Over the Top, anything goes! This extensive, professional quality decorating and baking brand is designed to help you create applause-worthy desserts. From sanding sugars, edible confetti, sugar beads, candy writers, buttercream icing, write-on gels, decorating icing tubes to premium cake mixes, baking cups, decorating tips and bags, cookie cutters, candles, muffin or cupcake containers, you'll find Over the Top...well, Over the Top! Take your baking to a new level with colorful, inspiring and extraordinary with this clever, creative assortment! Wherever your imagination decides to take you, as long as you've got Over the Top, anything goes!


ValuTime Valu Time products are featured throughout all Marketplace Foods locations and throughout nearly every aisle, bringing you top-of-the-line quality at everyday low prices. The Valu Time assortment includes categories such as baby care, breads, canned fruits and vegetables, cereal, cake mix, cheese, cookies, condiments, detergent for dish and laundry, deli meats, frozen foods, household cleaners, ice cream, and more. Even pet food! Valu Time products are perfect for price-conscious consumers who still desire quality and value. We understand the fine line between price and value and that's why we are pleased to offer Valu Time products throughout our stores. Taking care of your family got just a little bit easier...with Valu Time!

Wide Awake

Wide Awake No matter your outlook on life or which side of the bed you woke up on, Wide Awake Coffee has a flavor to suit your distinct personality and get your day started with full wide-awake flavor. Wide Awake's clever packaging and variety of flavors will awaken your senses to start your day with a smile. Getting a jump on your day is only a cup away with Marketplace Foods Wide Awake Coffee featured in ground beans, single serve cups or whole coffee bean varieties.


NuVal Watch for NuVal scores on shelf tags throughout the grocery department in all Marketplace Foods stores. NuVal is a Nutritional Scoring System that rates foods on a scale of 1-100 based on it's overall nutritional value. The higher the score, the better the overall nutrition. NuVal allows you to compare products within each category. Looking for a salty snack? Trade up from a Pringles Cheddar Cheese Crisp which scores a 3 to Crunchy Cheetos that score a 17. NuVal makes it easy to cut through the clutter and simply choose the more nutritious items for you and your family. Trade-up for Better Nutrition with NuVal and learn more by clicking here.