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Nutritional Information for Gluten Intolerance

Are you Gluten-Intolerant or do you have Celiac Disease? Marketplace Foods is proud to offer a wide variety of Gluten Free Bakery products made fresh in our exclusive Gluten Free Bakery. Learn more about Gluten and Celiac disease below.


Gluten - Overview

What Gluten Is
Gluten is the generic name for certain types of proteins found in common cereal grains – mainly wheat, barley, rye, spelt, and kamut (versions of wheat), triticale (a grain crossbred from wheat and rye), and their derivatives.

Whom It Affects
Current estimates suggest that 1 in every 133 Americans suffers a reaction to ingesting gluten, which is present in many food and beverage products.

The Gluten Sensitivity Spectrum
Gluten is found in many foods otherwise considered wholesome, making the supermarket – for those who have an intolerance for gluten or those with celiac disease – a minefield. The sensitivity to wheat and associated glutens range from mildly annoying to very serious.

Bakery Products

Bakery Products Fresh in our Bakery Department!

Enjoy the fresh, homemade flavors of gluten-free baked goods from our own G Free Bakery, an offsite bakehouse dedicated exclusively to the creation of gluten-free products.

Listed below are our gluten-free bakery items, their ingredients and nutrition facts.

Let Marketplace Foods Help

Let Coborn's Help Shop Attentively

If you or someone in your family is gluten-intolerant, read the labels of foods every time you buy them, as ingredients may change at any time. To make sure you’re clear about contents, get in touch with manufacturers and ask them questions. It’s vitally important that you know for certain a food is gluten-free. Always remember: if in doubt, go without. In addition to our Coborn's brand of new gluten-free bakery products, you'll also find gluten-free items throughout our store. Look for shelf signs and carefully read labels to guide you to gluten-free selections throughout the store.It takes patience, persistence, and commitment to follow a gluten-free diet. But it's not impossible.

More Gluten Free Related Information

More Gluten Free Related Information Recommended Dietary Information for the “Grain” Food Group:

Consume the recommended number of servings from the grain food group each day, depending on energy requirements. (see for help in determining your individual energy requirements and recommended number of servings of grain foods).


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