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Leave the meal prep to us and treat yourself with a visit to a Marketplace Foods Deli near you!

Four Brothers

Four Brothers Four Brothers is devoted to you and focuses on taste, value and honoring the heritage of our family company with top of the line, high-quality products such as our fresh pot pies in the deli. As you stick your fork into the crust of this pot pie, you will know it is good before the food even hits your mouth. That's because the crisp, flaky, golden crust is cooked to buttery perfection at our own local bakery and filled with delicious chunks of our own savory rotisserie chicken or fresh roasted turkey.


Local Marketplace Foods believes in offering only high-quality meats to our guests from companies that we know and trust. At Gold'n Plump the rule they live by is that the chickens they raise are raised the right way by family farmers. With no shortcuts, no compromises and just an unwavering commitment to high quality, wholesome, good chicken. Because of Gold'n Plump's high-quality standards we are proud to offer their local rotisserie chicken in our deli department. You know that Marketplace Foods is all about big savings. Every chicken is checked to insure quality and is pre-seasoned in delicious flavors to make it ready to eat. Stop by your local Marketplace Foods Deli today and find out the rotisserie chicken options that are available for you!

Our Salads

Our Salads Whether it be for a picnic, pot luck, BBQ or simply as an easy dinner solution we are proud to offer a large selection of Signature Salads from the Marketplace Foods Deli! Our signature salads including pasta salads, coleslaws, potato salads and more, are all freshly made in house by our experienced staff in the Marketplace Foods Deli. We have a delicious selection of classic favorites, as well as some new twists to try.

Kretschmar Meats

Kretschmar MeatsSince 1883, Kretschmar has consistently provided superior deli products made with all of the finest ingredients. This makes Kretschmar a perfect candidate to be featured in our Marketplace Foods Delis. Try Kretschmar smoked, honey and black forest ham, which are all made with a unique hardwood smoking process. Their hand-trimmed master cuts of poultry, turkey and beef cuts are made with all-natural flavors and ingredients. Try the Sun Dried Tomato Turkey Breast, the Sweet Smoked Ham or Chipotle BBQ Chicken Breast. Kretschmar's Premium Wisconsin cheeses repeatedly win in competitions worldwide and feature a wide selection of Colby, Colby Jack, Pepper Jack and Swiss varieties. In addition, Kretschmar master cut cheeses are featured in Habanero Jack, Garlic and Dill, Horseradish Cheddar, and Fontina. These all-natural master cut meat and cheeses from Kretschmar are all heart check mark approved! That means that you are able to choose a better for you option right in our Marketplace Foods Delis! Treat yourself today to the Legendary Taste of Kretschmar and never question your deli meat and cheese again.

Olive Bar

Olive Bar Want to escape to the Mediterranean without stepping foot on a plane? Look no further than the Marketplace Foods Deli and treat yourself to our amazing olive bar. Marketplace Foods Olive Bar is stocked full of only the finest quality olives for you and yours and it makes hosting a party or get together a breeze. Simply visit the Marketplace Foods Deli and create your very own antipasto platter filled with olives, meats and cheeses of the highest quality. Stop by one of our locations today located in: Hayward, Menomonie or Rice Lake and check out our specialty deli filled with yummy, olive goodness.



Entertaining? Let Marketplace Foods help! Planning to have family over for the holidays? Try a Legendary Meat and Cheese Mini-Wrap Tray. Feeding a crowd for the game? How about a Sub Sandwich Tray? Lunch meeting? How about a Lunchmeat and Deli Cheese Tray? Whatever your gathering, let Marketplace Foods ease the stress with gourmet trays to feed a few or feed a crowd.

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